Free ways to entertain your kids

One of the main themes of 2022 is that things are only getting more expensive. For parents, this presents a new challenge – especially when it comes to entertainment. There are countless ways to entertain your children, but many of these options can eat a large chunk out of your wallet. So what can you do to avoid the phrase that every parent dreads – “I’m bored”?

The answer is to take advantage of the hours of free entertainment that are on offer for both kids and parents! In this guide, we’ll give you some great free ways to entertain your children any time of the year!

Head to your local library

Libraries are a haven that provides protection from boredom and the elements! The past is that they’re free. Inside your children will books, magazines, comics, and more that they can read and take themselves to different places, times, and worlds. They will often have computers and other forms of entertainment that your little ones will love.

Watch free kid’s cartoons

There are countless streaming services out there that will provide entertainment for your children, the problem is the price tag. The good news is that there are plenty of free kids cartoons that will not only entertain your children but teach them important life lessons too!

Go to the beach

Getting there may cost you a train ticket or petrol, but a day to the beach will pay for itself. Your children can swim, build sandcastles, search for shells, and much more. A trip to the beach will be a memory that your children will cherish for years to come.

Take in the view

For a free activity, why not head to a lookout point or your local area? This could mean a short drive, hike, or even exploring a building in your local city that you haven’t visited. This will help your children to see new areas near you and make for a great photo opportunity.

Play sport

Sports are a great way to pass the time for free. If you have a ball – such as a football – you simply need a relatively flat surface and you can let the games begin. If you don’t have a ball, that’s fine, there are plenty of other sports available that you can play.

Hide and seek

Hide and seek is a timeless classic that won’t cost you a penny. The trick is to encourage your children to get creative with their hiding places – so long as they stay safe.

Visit your local park

Exploring nature is not only fun but good for you too. Fresh air, spending time in the sun, and exercise have benefits for you and your children’s health so make sure that you put a few visits to your local park on the calendar!

Visit a museum

Museums are great fun and unique for your children to learn. As they explore the displays and exhibits, they can learn about history, science, art, culture and so much more. Most museums are free for children, making them perfect for fun on a budget. They do get busy during school breaks, so keep this in mind if you want to avoid the crowds.

Make a time capsule

A time capsule is a locked container that you hide or bury to come back to at a later date. When you come back to them, they’re wonderful windows into the past. So, find a container (something durable if you plan to bury it) and ask your children to put a few items inside. This could be a toy or even a letter to their future selves. Make sure to come back to it later!

Build a fort

Lastly, you can never go wrong with a good fort – especially on a rainy day. Gather your materials and let your children’s imaginations run wild. For extra fun, you can let them have a sleepover or a movie night in the fort!

College & University

How Smart Campus Benefits For College Students

By Lucero Artemio, Senior Product Manager, Fiberroad Technology

What Is A Smart Campus?

A smart campus is a smart, connected community with technology that can improve the lives of individuals within it. Smart campus services can make life easier for students, faculty, and staff and improve security, enhance operations, and monitor campus resources. Smart campus features include ubiquitous wireless coverage and location-based services. Campus assets can be monitored via Bluetooth beacons, and geofencing can send alerts when assets move. The information generated by the smart campus services can be fed into a dashboard for more informed management decisions.

Smart Campuses are increasingly connected to improve operations and enhance the user experience. For example, smart parking spaces can automatically alert drivers to available spaces on campus. Other features of smart campuses include chatbots that can answer late-night math questions. Some campuses even have connected blackboards that allow professors to share grading assignments with TAs. Using technology to improve campus services will allow colleges and universities to stay relevant and increase the quality of student learning.

Benefits Of A Smart Campus To Students

1. Improves Student Experiences

Implementing a Smart Campus is a big step in higher education, and the first step is understanding the needs of today’s students. This means utilizing data from online resources to understand student performance and behavior better. Data can also reveal issues related to biases in departments, courses, and professors. Understanding these issues is essential in designing inclusive programs and initiatives. Smart Campus technologies apply the best practices of other industries to the campus and will improve the safety, visibility, and comfort of everyone on campus.

2. Enhances College Campus Safety

Using advanced network infrastructure and internet-connected devices, a smart campus can provide new services, improve operations, and improve safety on campus. Combined with self-service technologies, this new approach can make college campuses more secure. In addition to the safety and security benefits, smart campuses can reduce operating costs and improve environmental sustainability. The technology used on a smart campus helps to detect operational deficiencies and make proactive decisions, which improves efficiency and reduces risks.

3. Reduces Operational Costs

A smart campus connects people, devices, and applications to offer a better experience for students, faculty, and staff. These systems can also improve operational efficiency and reduce costs. This system provides data about the energy usage pattern of campus and helps reduce costs and increase efficiency. Here are the key benefits of smart campus technologies. They all increase the overall value of a university’s operations and make it more competitive.

The Components Of A Smart Campus

1. Video Surveillance System

Smart campuses use a Video surveillance system with PoE Switch as part of their security strategy. These cameras collect video information and analyze it using proprietary software. This allows the system to perform many tasks, including detecting potential fire hazards, recognizing license plates, and tracking registered and unregistered vehicles. All of this information runs through a command center, where other security devices and protocols are configured. The result is a comprehensive video surveillance system.

School safety budgets are slashed, but video surveillance can save school dollars. A good video surveillance system can detect threats to the campus and improve security. Using video surveillance, school security teams can better respond to incidents. School officials can implement bullying prevention programs and improve streamlined security operations by monitoring the footage. However, the school security team needs to monitor events and avoid being left in the dark constantly.

2. Gate Access Control System

Electronic access control systems use rules and logic to govern who can access certain areas. A valid card key unlocks the door, and the computer records the information into a log. When someone enters a building with an invalid card key, it won’t unlock it. Internal devices and software control electronic systems, and the purpose of each device may vary from building to building. Whether or not this system is a smart campus innovation will depend on the needs of your institution.

The use of technology to manage visitor access is vital in a smart campus. Today, most people carry a mobile phone, and many college students want to minimize the amount of equipment they need. An access control system will help you manage visitor access and prevent theft and damage to property. Whether your school is an urban campus, a suburban campus, or a rural community, a gate access control system will help ensure the safety of everyone on campus.

3. Cloud Network Infrastructure

Smart campuses need to be able to provide multiple services. Some of these services will differ depending on the campus’s physical location and each user’s needs. To achieve this, a cloud network infrastructure is necessary. The cloud can serve as a central data centre, allowing multiple services to be delivered via a single network. For example, a smart campus may need to be able to analyze student behaviour and track the flow of academic traffic. A new actor is needed to enable the Smart Campus ecosystem to achieve this goal. Recent research has shown that the ecosystem concept is the most promising actor for a Smart Campus.

4. Energy Efficiency

Many campuses have embraced new technologies to improve energy efficiency. Some campuses are experimenting with zero-net energy and passive building methods. For example, the Georgia Institute of Technology has a carbon-neutral research lab and is building a new building as part of the Living Building Challenge. Colleges spend millions of dollars a year on energy, and there are numerous opportunities for improving energy efficiency on campuses. The technology used to improve campus energy efficiency will likely help colleges save money.

Smart campus technologies can also help campuses improve parking, traffic, and safety. They can even reduce fuel consumption. Using smart lighting, campuses can save money on electricity, water, and other resources. Some campuses can also install motion sensors to identify the most critical lighting banks. This technology can help campus officials make informed decisions about energy consumption. With a little research, a smart campus can be an effective way to cut costs and improve campus safety.

Final Thought

The infrastructure needed to support smart campuses should be well-designed and implemented. Some of the essential components of this infrastructure are information sensing devices, computer processing equipment, storage, and wired and wireless communication networks. Besides the infrastructure, smart campuses should have staff that design and implement the system. This will allow the campus to run more efficiently and save power. For instance, smart campuses should install card systems and facial recognition technology for accurate attendance.

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Why You Need to Study in the United States

Studying at one of the universities in the United States is a dream to catch. The preparation to make to send your applications is quite a dubious process. You can, at times, find a degree of difficulty in obtaining college admission approvals and scholarship grants. You even notice the high demands to meet the qualification criteria. Despite the dubious application procedures, you get inspired to see how international students are quite eager to study in America.

Choosing the United States as the place to invest in education is imperative. The outstanding academic reputation of the colleges and universities in the country is high. You cannot even ignore the reason why many international students still plan to study each year and begin searching for their desired universities. However, you can even find the right one for you. When you do, you start writing and sending your US College Application to those top-performing colleges and universities, which offer quality education. Among them are Columbia University, Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Yale University, and Stanford University.

As well, securing your college applications in the country is an option to make. Many colleges and universities in the United States are highly respectable. However, not all student applicants can go through the application process. Many have to wait for the next class opening for them to apply to study in America. In case you fail to qualify for the application process, you must be patient to wait for the next season for you to study at the desired universities in the country.

Additionally, the decision to study in the United States is a wise one. You cannot ignore the highly reputable colleges and universities that teach you exceptional skills and professional values. When some people ask why you need to study in America, you may smile at them, while starting to count your fingers for numerous reasons. More than these, you need to study in the United States to explore a wide array of knowledge and meet its adaptable culture and massive democratic influence.

So, all colleges and universities in the country are now calling entries for international students. You have to begin drafting your US college application essays, editing them for clarity, and polishing them for submission. As you start rehearsing yourselves for the interviews, you know you need to give your best shot at this to be your last recourse to study in the most dependable colleges and universities in the country.

Are you now ready to catch your dream to study in America? You surely are!


Online university courses can put you in a strong educational & academic position

Based on the available facts and findings, I’d like to believe that you must not overlook taking advantage of the online university courses through Course Nerd so that you can not only adapt but also thrive with a bang. On top of that, you can access Course Nerd from anywhere in the country or the world!

There is no doubt that every student wants to put themselves in stronger academic and education positions. Gone are the days when you had no option but to go with the hard copies in the form of traditional books, and that’s about it. In those days, there was not such a thing as The Course Nerd. But now, much has changed over time. So, it is not the right kind of approach to overlook the best opportunity like The Course Nerd. Just go to the above site and see the way The Course Nerd can work wonders for you!

Online learning based on the philosophy of lifelong learning

It would not be wrong to say that online learning is based on the philosophy of lifelong learning simply because the data is always there so you can access it anytime from anywhere in the world. Lifelong learning means that the data of the courses will be there once and for all. The best part is that you can find out the time at your convenience – there are no time and space restrictions in the online learning courses whether at a school, & college, or the university level.


It can be seen that people dedicated to their professional development down the road take advantage of online learning, so you are supposed to do the same thing. In this modern era, the professional development of your career is as important as anything for you! It would not be wrong to say that professional development and online learning are intimately linked.


Types of HVAC system available in the Market

The HVAC system is gaining popularity with growing time. People now want an all in one system that keeps their home cozy in all conditions. There are a variety of HVAC systems available in the market today. Let’s have a look at some of these systems-

1. Standard Split System:

It is the most popular and most frequently used HVAC system. With being highly affordable, this system is highly modifiable. The new components can be installed very easily which helps in modulating the indoor temperature. Common combinations seen in the standard split system are- furnace and air conditioner, air handle and heat pump, and the last, and furnace and heat pump.

2. Ductless Split System:

The Ductless system has an outside air conditioner which is responsible for giving out cool air. This system lacks furnaces and is only suitable for hot temperatures. These are superb and work with full efficiency in offices and homes.

3. Packaged System:

These are just perfect for homes that have no basements. These are usually installed outdoors and give the best air inside. One of the greatest advantages of the package system is that it makes no noise. The various types of package units are –

  • Heat pump
  • Gas/electric
  • Hybrid/mixed

4. Geothermal System:

What can be better than a system that not only modifies the temperature according to your need but also saves energy? Geothermal system facilitates cooling and heating by using the temperature of the earth. This system is highly efficient and is more worthy than the traditional one.

Final Overview

There are so many HVAC systems in the market. Choosing the right one for your home and offices is not easy. You must look for the area and space for which you require the system. Then after that look for the materials used to make the system and the warranty on it. It is important that you select the best HVAC system that has all high quality equipment. Regular maintenance and cleaning is required to keep the system working. The cleaner you keep it, the longer it will work. Check out for the latest updates about this topic.



by Dr Elmi Zulkarnain Osman

In this modern age and 21st Century Learning, the online learning market is growing rapidly, as is the online tuition industry. Online learning offers many advantages over face-to-face tuition.


One of the biggest advantages of online Malay tuition is the aspect of flexibility. Students and Bahasa Melayu tutors can avoid traveling, which saves money as well as time because Malay lessons are directly live online. Parents do not have to send their children to the Malay tuition centre itself.

It takes time to get to the Malay tuition location. Parents also need to factor in the waiting time because usually, the Malay tuition class is usually 1.5 to 2 hours, making it not worth it for parents to go home after sending their child to the Malay tuition centre due to the fuel cost factor.

In addition, the main advantage of online tuition is that it is easier to build relationships with students and even facilitate lessons because it is done in a two-way communication that involves two people communicating between them. Therefore, to succeed in the online tuition industry, it is very important that Malay tutors choose the right platform for teaching and learning. Poor platform selection can affect the performance of online tuition thus reducing communication between Malay tutors and students.


The most popular (and well-known) online platforms are Zoom and Skype. In this article, I will describe Skype and Zoom as the platforms for your online classes and help you make the most out of your Malay lessons. There are also other platforms for you as an online Malay tuition teacher such as Google Hangout, Whatsapp Video Call, and many more.

As mentioned, the online tuition industry is growing significantly. In addition to wanting to be a great Malay tutor, it is also important for your Malay tuition sessions to be the best.

For example, if you are one of the best Malay language tutors out there, but your internet connection is very poor then it is very difficult to communicate with your students. Before you start using Zoom or Skype, please make sure that you have the following.


Equipment And Rooms

You need equipment that can be trusted to provide the best comfort from all aspects. A good microphone, a reliable webcam, and even a computer that has smooth internet and no interruptions. You also need a quiet and bright room to make the most of your lessons. A quiet room away from noise and light interference is required so that online Malay tuition sessions between students and Malay tutors are not interrupted.

Create a Skype or Zoom Account

Once you’ve created a Skype or Zoom account and completed all the necessary personal details, it’s time for you to get to know the software and the features it offers. Zoom and Skype are (in my humble opinion) the best platforms to carry out online tuition activities because of their good reputation in terms of making smooth video calls.

Share Screens with Others

Another great feature for your online Malay tuition sessions on Zoom or Skype is the screen sharing function. For those unfamiliar with this feature, it allows you to share the screen with everyone in a video conference call directly. Whether you want to show your students a PowerPoint presentation, a document, or just a website, the screen sharing feature lets you do it all. All you have to do if you want to share your screen is to click the ‘Share Screen’ icon at the bottom of the screen.

File Sharing

Just like messaging, when you’re on a Zoom or Skype call, you can send your files directly to your students. You do need to upgrade your Zoom account to share files though. This function is very useful when you want to share relatively large images, documents, and videos without any problems.

Online Education

How To Compose A Sparkly Dental Personal Statement

First off, congratulations on applying to dental institution! Someone’s teeth and smile can transform their whole way of connecting, feeling, even just being. That you are spending your abilities to guarantee that their smile can be a care free one, well, that’s excellent, important job.

However first, you have to get over the bulge of writing your dental school individual statement. I would certainly be recognized to give you a couple of tips. Let’s start:


Many oral colleges join the Associated American Dental Schools Application Service (AADSAS), which indicates you complete one application and send it to the oral institutions to which you’re applying.

In that application, you have 4,500 personalities to collaborate with for your individual statement, which approximately translates into a single-spaced web page of writing. Be aware that rooms and also punctuation count toward your character matter.

In your individual declaration, according to the AADSAS, you intend to provide “dental colleges a clear image of that you are and also, most significantly, why you wish to go after a job in dentistry.”

So, basically, your personal statement should answer: Why do I intend to be a dental expert? Or, if you like, what regarding me will make me an excellent dental practitioner?”


Before you begin creating, I desire you to make two sets of listings. Yay, notes!

Initially, I desire you to list what traits you possess that would certainly make you an excellent dental practitioner. Are you:

  • Compassionate
  • A great communicator.
  • Understanding
  • Encouraged
  • A leader.
  • Caring
  • A good listener.
  • Persistent
  • Intellectually interested.
  • Simple.

For more regarding the traits a good dental practitioner should have, click here.

Next off, I desire you to make a listing of your:-

  • ” aha” minutes (minutes of unexpected insight or exploration).
    • Passions/interests.
    • Drives
    • Remorses
    • Obstacles

Whittle down these lists to ensure that each of them has 3 solid characteristics of yours and three of your passions/drives/challenges/” aha” moments, and so on. Then I desire you to think about the stories that demonstrated times when you felt most passionate/regretful/driven/ aha’ed and also what qualities those minutes triggered in you.

The goal here is to get one strong tale that assists encapsulate what kind of person you are.


For individual statements, the very best tales are truthful, detailed, show susceptability, and also go somewhere. Attempt to zero in on an absolutely essential minute in your life, something that has aided specify you and led you towards the course you are currently attempting to pursue.

Do not worry excessive if it doesn’t seem that fascinating or one-of-a-kind from the start; the key is that it was essential to you. It can be about the day you offered at a day camp for kids with special demands. It can be regarding a day in the park when someone fell off their bike. It can be regarding the day in the park when you diminished your bike. It can be concerning someone choking on a waffle in a diner. It can be about food preparation with your grandpa. It can be about figure skating. It can be concerning playing the violin. It can be about swimming in a lake. It can be regarding pressing a mobility device. It can be concerning being in a wheelchair.

Thinking of this tale, I desire you to trigger your senses. What did you see? Listen to? Preference? Feel? Odor? What are the littlest details that you bear in mind regarding it? What were you putting on? The person close to you using? What did the concrete seem like? The water seem like? What were you food preparation? Playing? What did you smell?

Know that no information is also little. As a matter of fact, I want you to turn on the ordinary intentionally. Life’s littlest information are precisely what is going to make this tale uniquely your own. Why? Just you noticed something so tiny as well as in-depth. That is what will make your tale genuine.


When you’ve zeroed in on your story, I want you to blog about your place in the story. Exactly how did you act in the moment that you’re defining? What did you do? What did you assume? How did you react? Just how did your mind work? Just how did you take on?

Here is the point where I want you to reveal your vulnerability (and also if that provides you the heebie-jeebies, too bad: go there). You need to let the visitor recognize what duty you played in this moment as well as what you realized and also discovered as well as thought and also just how all of that altered you.

One crucial factor: You don’t have to be the hero. In fact, it might be better if you don’t. It’s been my experience that “aha” minutes that assist specify one’s life are frequently amazingly tiny in nature.

An additional vital point: If your moment inherently entails somebody else, state your grandfather or your mommy, or something else, like a trip or an occasion, you must continuously beware to make the essay regarding you reacting to your grandfather, mom, trip or event. It can not really have to do with your grandpa, mom, trip or event, OK?


Remember your listings? Which I had you isolate three attributes and 3 passions/drives/aha moments? That wasn’t for nothing. After your opening tale, I want you to blog about the other reasons that you want to go into dental care and also, likewise, connect them to brief narratives that demonstrate both your qualities, “aha” minutes and what you performed in those moments. Obviously, these will be much less comprehensive than your very first tale, however they will reveal various aspects of why you intend to be a medical professional.


There are tales I assume you ought to stay clear of. A tale about a 6-year-old you “cleaning” your Barbie’s teeth is one. I uncommitted the amount of details you add to that tale, it’s simply been played out. Same for the story of a 7-year-old you being entranced by the extra-large toothbrush at the dental expert‘s.

Typically, I like for tales to be about the adult you, as opposed to the kid you. To me, what you have actually recognized as an adult claims more regarding you than what you recognized as a kid. If there isn’t a way to work around that, that’s OKAY, if you adhere to being truthful and also count on the information. It’s also more suitable if you are still associated with whatever it is you are discussing. Meaning, if you blog about your passion for attracting, it requires to be something you’re still passionate regarding as an adult.

Further, I strongly recommend you avoid the sentence “I such as to assist individuals” in your personal statement. Think what? Every dental professional does. And also more than that, liking to aid individuals doesn’t distinctively belong to being a dental practitioner. Educators help individuals. Dental aides do it. Police officers do, also.

Ultimately, do not be also chronological in your oral institution personal statement. You don’t want your essay to be treading. We don’t require to check out your childhood years, after that intermediate school, high school, college experiences. Even if they show you being consistent regarding wishing to be a dental professional, they don’t reveal much else. Besides, everybody applying will certainly have these milestones in their lives; they’re not distinct enough to discuss.


The individual declaration timely invites you to address voids that may appear in your transcript, whether you needed to take a year off or you fell short a class. If you have these slip-ups in your scholastic document, you should absolutely conserve some room to address them. Remember what I stated about susceptability as well as sincerity? That’s what is important. Actually, these slip-ups say as much concerning your tale as anything else– and also they do not have to be a poor thing.

Simply focus on what you discovered due to them. Again, it may be a time to discuss the precise minute (an additional story!) you realized the advantages of a hardship.


As soon as you have developed what you’re made from as well as have actually shown why you’re enthusiastic about becoming a dentist, I want you to address this in your conclusion:.

  • What is the importance of what you’ve revealed the viewers?
  • What are its implications?

How to pull this off? Let me see what you think of your future. What, as an example, could potentially be your most honored day as a dental expert? And just how were the seeds of that ideal day planted in your opening story?

Or tell me regarding a client you will have and also what you will provide for her.

Or inform me regarding how you will certainly be transformed.

Or tell me concerning just how you will transform your neighborhood by being a dental professional.

Most significantly, expand my suggestion of you as well as your enthusiasm in your verdict, do not simply restate what you’ve currently informed me. I understand they often tell you to do this in essay-writing seminars, but a restatement is just an additional method of claiming “repeat on your own.” With simply 4,500 personalities to work with, you do not have the deluxe of that. So broaden. Show. Send me in the direction you are headed, the direction that you want me to see.


Know that you already have all the product required to create an outstanding oral school personal statement. Utilizing these ideas and also tactics will aid turn good into great.


Benefits & Advantage Of IELTS Certification

IELTS is taken by over 1.5 million people worldwide each year and is recognized for entry to universities and immigration purposes. It measures your ability to use and understand English in your daily life. Government-run immigration authorities, higher education institutions, professional bodies, and business organizations to assess the English language proficiency of candidates use IELTS. There are many reasons to Study IELTS (เรียน IELTS, which is the term in Thai).

IELTS is a standardized test (Certificate of English Language Proficiency) accepted by most English-speaking countries for admission to higher education and authentication for immigration purposes. IELTS is suitable for candidates of all levels and is taken by a wide range of institutions and organizations, including academic institutions, professional associations, government agencies, immigration authorities, and employers.

If you have dreamed of pursuing studies abroad, IELTS can help you to get closer to it. It contains only reading, writing, listening, and speaking. There are many institutions available to Teach IELTS (สอน IELTS, term in Thai). Before starting your preparation, know its perks. It acts as a dose of motivation for you.

Find Your Standard

Take the IELTS test to prove your English level. The IELTS test will help you to find out if you need to learn, improve or practice English; understand what level of English is required for where you want to study or work; and take action to reach your goals.

Place At Your Dream

Whether you are working abroad or seeking a promotion in the United States, your language proficiency is essential. There are many ways to improve your communication skills, but to study IELTS is a gauge of how well you speak and write English.

For Immigration

The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) exam provides you with a globally standardized test of your Listening, Reading, Writing, and speaking skills in English so that you can demonstrate your competence as a future citizen or resident of another country. Governments, higher education institutions, and employers recognize IELTS across the world.

The IELTS exam has proven academic and language validity than almost any other assessment. The IELTS exam is widely recognized by many of the world’s most extensive education, professional, and immigration agencies to assess a person’s readiness for further training or education. Many institutes Teach IELTS, make use of them and crack it.

Get More Credits

If you are thinking about studying abroad, earning points for a qualification, or just need a recognized qualification worldwide, you need to study IELTS. In addition, it’s accepted by many organizations worldwide, including many top universities.


Online Language Learning: Why Is It Getting More Popularity?

With passing time, we have become more and more dependent on the internet and the reasons are many. Bringing the world within our hands, the internet has made working and studying much easier than before. The current pandemic situation has increased our dependency on the internet even more. With working from home and homeschooling getting to be the new normal, the internet is one of the most important things that are helping us to stay connected to the world. Learning through the internet is not new but is getting more popular now. Even, you can learn foreign languages sitting at your own home!

Professional, students or anyone who wants to pass this home-bound time doing something new can definitely take help of internet. There is no age to learn something new and the internet has made things a bit easier. Learning a new language will come as refreshing as well as engaging. Students who are being homeschooled can make great use of their leisure and get an online tutor for the Chinese PAT exam (ติว แพ จีน, this is the term in Thai).

Learn from the comfort of your home

Comfort is one of those things which make us choose a certain thing over others. Online tuition gives us the option of staying at home and attending class without going out in this pandemic situation. It is easier to attend class on time when you stay at home. It is especially great for those who are currently working from home. The online classes conducting sites usually upload the class videos for the convenience of the learners. They can sit and study whenever they want especially if they cannot manage to attend class during live class schedules. In fact one can access the uploaded videos from anywhere with an internet connection. Students who are spending time at home due to the Covid-19 pandemic can easily become bilingual or even multilingual by attending online classes.

Learn less taught languages

If one chooses to go for regular classes, it is hard to find a tutor for uncommon languages. There are actually not many tutors who can teach you Dutch or a Scandinavian Language. But online classes can actually help you to get access to both common and less taught languages.

Budget-friendly and efficient

It is very common that you have to pay for the course you enroll in both traditional and online classes. But online classes happen to be more budget-friendly. When you choose a traditional class, you have to appear for the class on time. The time and expense for the travel also go into the cost of the course. In case of an online class, you can attend from home or any other location. You need not make a journey just to attend the class. This saves much of the expenses that go for such language courses.

The online classes are equally efficient and one can master a language from an online class as well. Online classes are especially perfect for languages that are not usually taught in traditional classes. Online classes consist of lesser number of students making interaction easy.


Ways to Upgrade Skillsets With Online Drone Class

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) technology or drone technology, is the hottest development of recent times. Over the past century, drone technology has risen to be the fastest evolving technology all over the world.

Why are Drones so Popular?

Where drones were thought to be only fit for military use, present society is seeing the use of these machines in everyday life. It not only helps increase efficiency, it has also helped us address the limitations of human kind to a certain extent. So much so, that countries around the world are in the process of issuing policies to the safe use of drone technology near civilian populations. Subsequently, there has been a rise in training pilots to fly drones leading to more takers for the online drone school.

Other than for military purposes, drones perform many other tasks like helping in disaster management, manning surface transport like roadways, railways etc., public safety surveillance, helping in businesses, in logistics or delivering products, GIS mapping, land survey, agriculture, and many other fields.

So What Do you Expect in a Drone Flying Class?

Whether you’re a hobbyist taking your craft to the next level (quite literally) or a novice looking for a lucrative future in drone technology, an online drone school will help you chart out the essentials of drone flying.

Training is generally tailored to you skill level. Along with a license certifying you competent to fly a UAV, there are some things that create the core of your quadcopter flying experience;

  • Special applications used in relation to drone gadgets are taught as a pre-requisite to earning a drone pilot license
  • Introduction to the mechanics of flight
  • Drone Basics – Understanding design and components
  • Connecting and updating your drone
  • The DJ Go App- Getting familiar with your flight display
  • Identifying flight system orientation
  • A knowledge of controllers and planners to operate in a 3-dimensional setting
  • Learning how to deal with obstacles and emergencies, like a lost GPS or low battery
  • Practice flying under various intelligent flight modes
  • Capturing photos and videos of your location
  • Working on mission specific settings; like filming, inspection, and mapping
  • Dealing with issues related to depth perception
  • Independent flight without relying on the GPS
  • An understanding of the best practices of a safe drone pilot
  • Clarification on regulations, software, and flight management

A New World

The possibilities around drone technology and its versatile use has excited many drone enthusiasts. Now if we can just get our economy back on track and end these lockdowns? Moreover, a generation of technologically sound youngsters consider this a lucrative occupation choice: this could only mean more growth and power to the use of the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, with a hope that it finds a solution to the problems of the day.