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Best private schools for your children in Anaheim Hills, CA

As a parent, one of your top priorities is the education of your children. It can be stressful choosing the right school for your kids and deciding whether to send them to public or private school. When it comes to looking for private schools in Anaheim Hills, California, you can be overwhelmed with the number and types of educational institutions available.

In this article, we will give you the best Anaheim Hills private school.

Why put your child in a private school rather than a public school?

Private schools have some advantages over public schools. They are often smaller, so teachers can focus on individual students’ needs. Private school teachers usually have more training than their public school counterparts, and they generally have more experience in their field.

Private schools also offer a more diverse curriculum than public schools do. This is especially true of religious schools, which tend to offer more classes related to religion and ethics than public schools do. Students who attend private schools may also be more likely to graduate from college because they are allowed to take AP courses that they would not be able to take at public schools due to a lack of funding or other factors.

Finally, private school tuition tends to be much higher than public school tuition. While this may seem like an obvious disadvantage of private education, it’s an advantage when you consider all the extra perks that come with paying for private school tuition such as smaller class sizes and better teacher-student ratios.

Top Private School in Anaheim

1. HISTORIC ANAHEIM CAMPUS (Preschool – 8th Grade)

The Historic Anaheim Campus of Fairmont Private Schools, represented by the towering Moreton Bay fig tree at its entry, serves students from preschool through 8th grade throughout North Orange County.

If you want a challenging and rigorous international education, Historic Anaheim is the right place for you. We offer the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme for preschool – 5th-grade students and the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme for students in 6th – 8th grade. We have various extracurricular opportunities so that you can discover your passions, pursue them, and develop a lifelong love of learning and exploration.

Please call at (714) 234-2736 or email with any questions regarding the Historic Anaheim campus.

Learn more about Fairmont Private Schools

Fairmont School was founded by educator Kenneth Holt in 1953. Mr. Holt believed that public schools should offer more options for students to pursue their interests and further their education, but he was unable to convince the school board to change the curriculum or grant his students greater autonomy. That summer, he started a summer program in his Anaheim home to help his students advance, but the program was wildly popular with its families and they convinced Mr. Holt to remodel his house and open a new school in September that same year.

Fairmont Schools in Orange County, CA, offers a secular, coeducational P-12 program known for its rigorous academics and innovative approaches to teaching. Educators are passionate about their jobs and participate in rigorous training and annual evaluations. Fairmont is the best high school for students who are hardworking, passionate about learning, and willing to take risks. The school provides a challenging academic program, as well as numerous opportunities for children to explore their unique talents through the arts, athletics, and special programs such as robotics and speech and debate.

What are the different Fairmont Schools campuses?

ANAHEIM HILLS CAMPUS (Preschool – 8th Grade)

HISTORIC ANAHEIM CAMPUS (Preschool – 8th Grade)


PREPARATORY ACADEMY (9th – 12th Grade)

SAN JUAN CAPISTRANO CAMPUS (Preschool – 12th Grade)

Reviews of the Historic Anaheim Campus

“Fairmont is the best choice for education. They empower and educate their teachers with new and improved methods that focus on what is best for their students. They create an environment where students feel well taken care of, both emotionally and academically.”

“When we moved our kids to this school in Anaheim Hills, CA, we discovered a fantastic partnership. Their grades are improving and they are getting more involved in after-school programs. I’m excited about the school year ahead! My kids are too! They are already picking out their after-school activities.”

“When my daughter was in grade school, we were lucky enough to take advantage of the Academic Learning Assistance Program at Fairmont. Because of that foundation, she is keeping up with other students in high school and is fully enjoying her academic career.”

“Both of my children started in P3 (kindergarten) at Fairmont Private School and continued their education through elementary school. Their teachers, administration, and parent helpers put on amazing events that keep the students happy, stimulated, and entertained. My daughter left Fairmont this year and is adjusting very well to her new school. My son is still attending Fairmont. I always recommend Fairmont to parents; it is fantastic.”

2. Anaheim Discovery Christian School

The faculty at Anaheim Discovery Christian School believes that each student has a unique purpose and that God created him or her with gifts that need to be developed. The faculty helps students understand this purpose by teaching them about Christ.

3. Victory Christian Schools

Victory Christian School is dedicated to educating students in the context of biblical truth. We seek to assist parents in providing a sound education for their children.

4. Zion Lutheran School

Zion Lutheran School is a grade school that emphasizes academic excellence and spiritual growth. Students will be prepared through a Christ-centered program to demonstrate growth in the spiritual, academic, social, emotional, and physical realms. The school offers grades PreK-8 and features small class sizes, extracurricular activities, and programs, as well as excellent academics.

5. Servite High School

Servite High School is a Catholic preparatory school that welcomes young men of all religious, ethnic, and socioeconomic backgrounds. Recognizing that parents are the primary educators, our faculty and staff form faith-filled leaders through an intentional and multidisciplinary formation process that is founded upon the Catholic Faith, the charism of the Order of Friar Servants of Mary, and our culture of academic excellence.

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How Smart Campus Benefits For College Students

By Lucero Artemio, Senior Product Manager, Fiberroad Technology

What Is A Smart Campus?

A smart campus is a smart, connected community with technology that can improve the lives of individuals within it. Smart campus services can make life easier for students, faculty, and staff and improve security, enhance operations, and monitor campus resources. Smart campus features include ubiquitous wireless coverage and location-based services. Campus assets can be monitored via Bluetooth beacons, and geofencing can send alerts when assets move. The information generated by the smart campus services can be fed into a dashboard for more informed management decisions.

Smart Campuses are increasingly connected to improve operations and enhance the user experience. For example, smart parking spaces can automatically alert drivers to available spaces on campus. Other features of smart campuses include chatbots that can answer late-night math questions. Some campuses even have connected blackboards that allow professors to share grading assignments with TAs. Using technology to improve campus services will allow colleges and universities to stay relevant and increase the quality of student learning.

Benefits Of A Smart Campus To Students

1. Improves Student Experiences

Implementing a Smart Campus is a big step in higher education, and the first step is understanding the needs of today’s students. This means utilizing data from online resources to understand student performance and behavior better. Data can also reveal issues related to biases in departments, courses, and professors. Understanding these issues is essential in designing inclusive programs and initiatives. Smart Campus technologies apply the best practices of other industries to the campus and will improve the safety, visibility, and comfort of everyone on campus.

2. Enhances College Campus Safety

Using advanced network infrastructure and internet-connected devices, a smart campus can provide new services, improve operations, and improve safety on campus. Combined with self-service technologies, this new approach can make college campuses more secure. In addition to the safety and security benefits, smart campuses can reduce operating costs and improve environmental sustainability. The technology used on a smart campus helps to detect operational deficiencies and make proactive decisions, which improves efficiency and reduces risks.

3. Reduces Operational Costs

A smart campus connects people, devices, and applications to offer a better experience for students, faculty, and staff. These systems can also improve operational efficiency and reduce costs. This system provides data about the energy usage pattern of campus and helps reduce costs and increase efficiency. Here are the key benefits of smart campus technologies. They all increase the overall value of a university’s operations and make it more competitive.

The Components Of A Smart Campus

1. Video Surveillance System

Smart campuses use a Video surveillance system with PoE Switch as part of their security strategy. These cameras collect video information and analyze it using proprietary software. This allows the system to perform many tasks, including detecting potential fire hazards, recognizing license plates, and tracking registered and unregistered vehicles. All of this information runs through a command center, where other security devices and protocols are configured. The result is a comprehensive video surveillance system.

School safety budgets are slashed, but video surveillance can save school dollars. A good video surveillance system can detect threats to the campus and improve security. Using video surveillance, school security teams can better respond to incidents. School officials can implement bullying prevention programs and improve streamlined security operations by monitoring the footage. However, the school security team needs to monitor events and avoid being left in the dark constantly.

2. Gate Access Control System

Electronic access control systems use rules and logic to govern who can access certain areas. A valid card key unlocks the door, and the computer records the information into a log. When someone enters a building with an invalid card key, it won’t unlock it. Internal devices and software control electronic systems, and the purpose of each device may vary from building to building. Whether or not this system is a smart campus innovation will depend on the needs of your institution.

The use of technology to manage visitor access is vital in a smart campus. Today, most people carry a mobile phone, and many college students want to minimize the amount of equipment they need. An access control system will help you manage visitor access and prevent theft and damage to property. Whether your school is an urban campus, a suburban campus, or a rural community, a gate access control system will help ensure the safety of everyone on campus.

3. Cloud Network Infrastructure

Smart campuses need to be able to provide multiple services. Some of these services will differ depending on the campus’s physical location and each user’s needs. To achieve this, a cloud network infrastructure is necessary. The cloud can serve as a central data centre, allowing multiple services to be delivered via a single network. For example, a smart campus may need to be able to analyze student behaviour and track the flow of academic traffic. A new actor is needed to enable the Smart Campus ecosystem to achieve this goal. Recent research has shown that the ecosystem concept is the most promising actor for a Smart Campus.

4. Energy Efficiency

Many campuses have embraced new technologies to improve energy efficiency. Some campuses are experimenting with zero-net energy and passive building methods. For example, the Georgia Institute of Technology has a carbon-neutral research lab and is building a new building as part of the Living Building Challenge. Colleges spend millions of dollars a year on energy, and there are numerous opportunities for improving energy efficiency on campuses. The technology used to improve campus energy efficiency will likely help colleges save money.

Smart campus technologies can also help campuses improve parking, traffic, and safety. They can even reduce fuel consumption. Using smart lighting, campuses can save money on electricity, water, and other resources. Some campuses can also install motion sensors to identify the most critical lighting banks. This technology can help campus officials make informed decisions about energy consumption. With a little research, a smart campus can be an effective way to cut costs and improve campus safety.

Final Thought

The infrastructure needed to support smart campuses should be well-designed and implemented. Some of the essential components of this infrastructure are information sensing devices, computer processing equipment, storage, and wired and wireless communication networks. Besides the infrastructure, smart campuses should have staff that design and implement the system. This will allow the campus to run more efficiently and save power. For instance, smart campuses should install card systems and facial recognition technology for accurate attendance.

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Why You Need to Study in the United States

Studying at one of the universities in the United States is a dream to catch. The preparation to make to send your applications is quite a dubious process. You can, at times, find a degree of difficulty in obtaining college admission approvals and scholarship grants. You even notice the high demands to meet the qualification criteria. Despite the dubious application procedures, you get inspired to see how international students are quite eager to study in America.

Choosing the United States as the place to invest in education is imperative. The outstanding academic reputation of the colleges and universities in the country is high. You cannot even ignore the reason why many international students still plan to study each year and begin searching for their desired universities. However, you can even find the right one for you. When you do, you start writing and sending your US College Application to those top-performing colleges and universities, which offer quality education. Among them are Columbia University, Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Yale University, and Stanford University.

As well, securing your college applications in the country is an option to make. Many colleges and universities in the United States are highly respectable. However, not all student applicants can go through the application process. Many have to wait for the next class opening for them to apply to study in America. In case you fail to qualify for the application process, you must be patient to wait for the next season for you to study at the desired universities in the country.

Additionally, the decision to study in the United States is a wise one. You cannot ignore the highly reputable colleges and universities that teach you exceptional skills and professional values. When some people ask why you need to study in America, you may smile at them, while starting to count your fingers for numerous reasons. More than these, you need to study in the United States to explore a wide array of knowledge and meet its adaptable culture and massive democratic influence.

So, all colleges and universities in the country are now calling entries for international students. You have to begin drafting your US college application essays, editing them for clarity, and polishing them for submission. As you start rehearsing yourselves for the interviews, you know you need to give your best shot at this to be your last recourse to study in the most dependable colleges and universities in the country.

Are you now ready to catch your dream to study in America? You surely are!

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Tips for Staying Organized When Applying to College

Applying for college can be overwhelming. Without enough preparation and setting expectations, one can get carried away in organizing responsibilities. As many people say, the key to this is to be a step ahead of tasks. A clear plan in organizational strategy will always help you be in a better position to handle loose ends for your college application.

To ace that Harvard acceptance rate and make the most of your college preparation through these practical college admission organization tips.

If you plan to apply to more than one school, you’ll need to start doing the paperwork as early as possible. When you prepare before meeting your target schools’ requirements, scrambling for the last minute will never have to happen.

Of course, before sending those requirements, make sure that you have a list of the schools you want to enter. Rank your top choices. Narrow it down to around 4-5 schools to help you set priorities in making the requirements ready.

This tip will help you during your college application, but it will also help you during your college years and may prove why you got an excellent Stanford acceptance rate. Get your high school transcripts organized. Place your recommendation letters, personal statements, and essays in a file system that you can easily access anytime you need it.

You can also keep separate files for different schools if necessary. This will help you keep track of your application in each school. You can also try color-coding your files to help you easily remember your file organizing system.

There are many other tips that you can learn if you are willing to take these tips in. Read more of the recommendations on staying organized through this blog by Admission Sight.

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Why are UK Education Consultants the Best ones to Study in the UK?

Students who want to go to the UK for further studies must have a clear idea about the career path they will choose. So, therefore, it is best to seek help from UK education consultants in India and be fully informed about the college and program you want to enroll in. The consultants will help you choose the correct course that will be perfectly suitable for your subjects. 

Advantages of choosing a UK education consultant

– UK education consultants have good professional knowledge and hence will help the students to know more about the college campus, location, placements, and other important factors. They will also help the students to learn about the climate, accommodation, work assessment at the institutions, etc. These are very important since you will shift to a completely new lifestyle and will have to expose yourself over there. 

– The UK education consultants in India will also help you in getting your visa and will stop you from making any major mistakes. They will give you proper advice regarding visa counseling and prepare you for the interviews. They also have enough information regarding the procedure details and time required. Therefore, applying for a visa through them will be beneficial for you. 

– Many scholarships for Indian students are available that provide aid in their education. The consultants are well-aware of these, and hence they will present a list of great scholarships that will be beneficial for your needs. They can also look for an appropriate student loan application for you. For applying to the scholarship programs, the need for a UK consultant is not a must. However, it is always better to get their advice before filling out the online application form. They will assist you throughout and look for efficient ways to get the scholarship as fast as possible. 

– Another important aspect for which the UK consultants will prepare you is the college interview. Even if you get admitted to the college, the interview is an extremely crucial factor that will determine whether you will stay in the college or not. The UK consultants will assist you and improve your preparations since they have a good amount of knowledge in these fields. 

– The consultants are very honest and transparent. They will readily look through your interview profile and previous grades and certificates and determine which university and course will prove to be perfect for you. They will even aid you with a re-application of a visa if the first one gets denied due to some reason. 

– By consulting and taking advice from a UK consultant, you will be able to have the proper documentation required for your admission. They will look through everything and prevent you from making any silly mistakes. 

– The consultants will even help you in looking for suitable job prospects and get you connected with reputable work industries. They will inform you regarding the current political and economic situation of the world and help you to determine the constant educational changes. 


Therefore, approaching a UK consultant for your education in the UK is one of the best options since you will be well-informed about everything before being exposed to a completely different and unique lifestyle.

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The Benefits Of Private Schools Near Me

Your child’s education now could have a significant impact on their future.

Every parent wishes for the best for their children. However, to better prepare their children for the future, more parents enroll their children in private schools. Are you unsure whether your child should attend a public or private school? Continue reading to discover the seven benefits of sending your child to a private school near me. With a specialized private school education, you’re investing in your child’s future for years to come!

Enhanced Possibilities

Your child will have access to a wide range of academic options if he or she attends a private school. Please don’t limit your child’s options to their local public school offers. Instead, ensure that your child’s thinking is open to a wide range of possibilities. Many private institutions, for example, allow your child to enroll in Advanced Placement classes. As a result, passing a college-level exam will enable them to begin college with many completed courses. This will enable your student to complete prerequisite courses before their first semester. As a result, if your child begins taking college classes, he or she will save money and effort. In addition, the teachings they acquire in private school can help your child grow as a person and prepare them for adulthood. Consider enrolling your child in a private school if you want to ensure that they have access to all academic opportunities. Getting good grades on these exams can help your child get accepted to the college of their choice.

Classes With Fewer Students

Students frequently perform better in school when they are divided into smaller groups. Smaller classes allow teachers to spend more time with kids one-on-one when necessary. Otherwise, their focus is dwindling. Enrolling your child in smaller classes is one of the benefits of private education. Smaller schools, and hence smaller classrooms, can also boost your child’s self-esteem. Your youngster will have more opportunities to contribute to the class in smaller classes. They’re also more likely to form close bonds with their classmates’ professors and friends.

Children are more likely to receive assistance in a smaller class. As a result, your student will be able to overcome academic difficulties while also enhancing their strengths.

Involvement of Parents

Students and parents both benefit from providing their children with private education. Parents are encouraged to participate in the close-knit community of private schools. Attend parent-teacher conferences and social gatherings. This will enable you to make a personal contribution to your child’s education. Parent committees, fundraising events, and other activities are also available. Every one of them will make you a responsible participant in your child’s education. As you get more involved, you’ll notice a stronger bond between you and your child, too. Sharing their grade school experiences will allow you to connect. It’s also a chance for you to support your student’s school career in new ways. Educators who are dedicated and pay attention

Many Parents Select Private Schools For The Teachers

Teachers at a private school are frequently multi-degreed in their professions. These educators are enthusiastic about their fields of study, and their enthusiasm often rubs off on their students. Teachers can better instruct, help, and challenge pupils one-on-one because of the smaller class sizes. Students are more likely to look up to their teachers as strong, positive role models when they have close ties with them.

Why Should You Attend Linbrook School?

Our curriculum and classrooms are tailored to the needs of boys. Our professors provide individualized help and enrichment to each student. Students are always encouraged to give their all to achieve their particular objectives.

In academics, we focus on engaging boys via movement, encouraging their natural competitiveness, and creating a supportive, happy learning atmosphere. In small classes, we provide hands-on activities, a variety of workspaces, and cutting-edge technology.

If you’re looking for a private school near me, Linbrook School provides a variety of workspaces as well as hands-on instruction. Contact us for more information.

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The Importance of Security Guards in College Security

Security guards play a vital role in the security of colleges and universities. They are responsible for the safety and security of students, faculty, staff, and visitors.

In this article, we have analyzed 10 ways that security guards can help colleges and universities ensure student safety.

What are the Advantages of Employing a Security Guard?

There are many advantages for employing a security guard. For example, a security guard is able to oversee the entire campus and keep it secure. They can also help protect students and faculty from threats such as robberies, sexual assaults, and drug-related crimes.

Advantages of Employing a Security Guard

– Protects students and faculty from threats such as robberies, sexual assaults, and drug-related crimes

– Can oversee the entire campus to ensure safety

10 Proven Ways Security Guards Can Improve Your Campus Safety

Security guards have a crucial role to play in ensuring the safety of students and faculty. Here are 10 proven ways security guards can improve campus safety.

1. Security guards should be aware of their surroundings

2. Security guards should be aware of their patrol routes

3. Security guards should know the difference between school property and public property

4. Security guards should not allow students to leave the premises unless they are accompanied by an adult

5. Security guards should check for suspicious people or vehicles before letting students out

6. Security guards should report any unusual behavior, including suspicious packages or people

7. Security guard patrols should vary throughout the day

8. Security guard patrols should be conducted during lunch breaks and after-school hours

9 . Security guard patrols must be conducted at all times

How to Select and Hire the Best Security Guard for Your College or University?

The process of selecting a college security guard is not easy. There are a lot of factors to consider when hiring one. Here we will provide you with tips and tricks on how to find the best college security guard for your campus. You need to ensure that college security guards have the latest guns and 12 gauge ammo before hiring.

The first step in the selection process is identifying your school’s current needs, which will help you narrow down your search. For example, if you need a security guard that can handle multiple shifts and works well with students and faculty, then it might be best to hire someone who has experience working in higher education institutions or law enforcement agencies.

Once you have identified your needs, start looking for candidates that fit these requirements by performing an online search or visiting local colleges or universities in person. You can also ask around at other schools in the area to see.

What is your Security Guard Budget Looking Like?

Security guards are an essential part of a college’s security. They are responsible for keeping the campus safe and secure. This is why it is important to budget for the security guards at your college.

The budget for security guards will depend on many factors. The size of the campus, staff members, and number of students in your college will all play a role in how much you can spend on this budget item.

What Type of Behavior to Look For in a Campus Safety Officer or Guard as a Future Student?

Campus safety officers or guards are responsible for keeping students and faculty safe. They are the first line of defense against school violence.

In order to be a successful campus safety officer or guard, you should be aware of the following types of behavior:

– Lack of respect for rules and authority

– Bullying

– Violence

Conclusion: Make Sure You’re Using the Right Type of Campus Safety at Your School

The purpose of this paper is to discuss the different types of campus safety, their benefits, and how they are being used by schools.

In conclusion, colleges and universities need to make sure that they use the best type of campus safety for their school. There are many factors that go into deciding which one is best for your school such as size, location, and student population.

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Kampala International University Emerged Top Private University in East Africa

Kampala International University (KIU) has emerged as the No 1 private university in East Africa in the July 2020 Webometrics Ranking of World Universities. KIU climbed to the 3rd best out of 69 universities in Uganda after Makerere University and Mbarara University of Science and Technology that came 1st and 2nd respectively. This is an improvement from the last ranking in January 2020 where KIU took the 2nd position as private university in East Africa and 4th best university in Uganda.

According to the webometrics data, in East Africa, KIU ranked highest among other private universities which includes Strathmore University Nairobi, United States International University Kenya, Uganda Martyrs University, etc.

Webometrics combines Research and Web indicators as the metrics in the ranking. KIU ranked 1st in Uganda on the Impact of web contents followed by Makerere University and Mbarara University of Science and Technology while KIU emerged second to Makarere in the Impact of Research contents. The global ranking states that KIU moved 1343 places upward from 4719th in January 2020 to 3376th position in July 2020 globally.

This latest ranking is proof of significant quality enhancements and great innovation in delivery of university education by KIU. According to the Vice Chancellor, “KIU is always very innovative in the way it explores the heights. Even in difficult times such as is the case with this season of the Covid-19 Pandemic, we have kept afloat and applied various digital technologies to continue serving our clients, the students being the most critical.” He adds, “I thank all our staff and students plus the immense support we derive from government, non-government organizations and other partners and collaborators with whose support we were able to achieve this great landmark in the history of the University. Keep waiting more is yet to come, the sky is not even the limit for KIU”.

Webometrics is a ranking system for the world’s universities based on the volume of the web content, visibility, and the impact of web publications. The ranking is published by the Cybermetrics Lab, a research group of the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) located in Madrid, Spain, and recognized globally.

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How do preschool graduation invitation cards elevate the joyous feeling of a celebration?

Children are the cutest entities on this earth. They bring in with them a lot of joy and positivity. The learning days of the children are very special. The first-ever learning experience for a child along with socializing with other kids is when he/she steps in the preschool. Some important lessons of life are taught during this period along with fun and games.

Usually, children from the age of 2 to 3 years start going to the preschool and stay there till their elementary education starts at the age of 5-6 years. This period is very crucial as children learn most of their values during this time.

Like a college graduation ceremony, most of the preschool also has a graduation ceremony at the end of a child’s preschool years. This ceremony is usually hosted with some pomp and show to make the child feel good about themselves and mark a new start to their life. Like any other ceremony, the preschool graduation ceremony these days has started having special invitation cards. This article discusses what an invitation card does to the preschool graduation ceremony of a child.

Importance of Invitation cards for Preschool Graduation Ceremony

Preschool graduation invites to play a major role in the organizing of the event. There are certain values attached to it that can elevate the joyous environment.

1. Preschool graduation marks the age of a child where he is set to face the world with the values instilled within him. So it marks the start of a new journey, and new journeys should always be started with pomp and show.

2. These invites to the preschool graduation ceremony can also be handmade which would engage the children in making such cards and bring out the creative side of them. A card made by a child can be used to invite his/her parents who will instill happiness in both the minds of the parents and the child.

3. Preschool graduation is an event, and an event should always have an invite to make it look more professional and happening so that more people are attracted to it.

4. When celebrated in a grand way, distributing invites to well-known people, a sense of responsibility and confidence is built within the children making them feel their importance and worth.

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Yuin University

Yuin University has an exceptional and lengthy background in academics and student training. Our university has new management which has tried to make a significant change in the university and the students. Consequently, Yuin University need funds to implement these changes, such as online programs (current Project), the new campus, etc.

Yuin University has three schools: School of Business Administration, School of Theology, School of Acupuncture and oriental medicine. Our University offers courses in Bachelor, Master’s and Ph.D. level programs.

We aim to achieve a large and successful project about our online programs. Not only will we be able to grow and develop faster, but it is also going to preface for other efficient projects in the near future.

Also, we’ll really appreciate all of our backers and supporters. We hope to grow together and help more students to reach their dreams and goals.

Our President’s message will help you get accustomed to our mission and philosophy.

Our brand promise

We aim to cultivate difference-makers who will help to transform how businesses and organizations former culture.

Yuin University is a student-centered community consisting of scholars and professionals pursuing academic excellence to advance the world, with life-changing leaders by developing students of character and competence. To be a difference-maker in business and society by offering quality education and student mentorship.

Yuin University’s education model is to grow difference-makers: who, through business, enhance the student professionally, personally, economically, and relationally. Having this educational experience, the student will have the ability to meet organizational needs; and creating wealth that is beneficial to people. By doing so, we cultivate difference-makers who transform how business functions.

Our Welcome Message from our President

I believe in Divine Providence. If you’re reading my words right now, it’s no coincidence. God is calling you to look and discern and pray and to say, ‘Maybe I’m supposed to be here. Maybe I’m supposed to be donating in some way to what God is calling this place to be!’ And I’m hoping that you’re going to come and join us!

Yuin University is a special place. Our dedication as a faith-based University is a guarantee to people of all faiths of how they will be treated because of what we believe. This is the Leadership way at Yuin by praying, working, listening, and welcoming, and we are called to seek the Truth so that we may know, do, and accept God’s will in all things.

That is the nature of virtue, the habit of doing well. This journey of excellence begins new each day with our simple morning offering and dedication to carry out the small, practical tasks of our daily lives with love.

I believe that God is calling the entire Yuin University family to be genuinely excellent so that in all things, God may be glorified. You’re reading this page is no accident, so I invite you to visit us and experience first-hand the Yuin University tradition of hospitality, personal attention, and teaching excellence. Yuin University: Supporting higher education and better learning.