Benefits and Reasons for Using Online Paraphrasing Tool


The two indispensable writing techniques are paraphrasing and summarizing. It means incorporating the works of other writers and using them in your own words. A writer has to use their own ideas, but at times it is essential to use the concepts and perception of other writers. It may be because of several reasons –

  • Support your own ideas.
  • Give your writing some depth and gravity.
  • Give reasons why you approve or don’t with some aspect.
  • As a reference.
  • Give a perception that differs from yours.

Paraphrasing means re-writing the other writer’s ideas without changing the main meaning of the statement. Paraphrase has the same length as its original because the purpose is to rephrase without missing any word. Summarizing is grabbing the core idea of someone’s content and defining it in your own way. A summary is short than the original as the aim is to include main points only and leave the irrelevant words. Its length is 1/3rd of the original.

Many people hardly have rewrite skills, so they can make use of free paraphrasing tools available online. The benefits of using free tool is given below.

  • You can use the tool 24/7 from anywhere and at any time according to your convenience.
  • As the tool is for free, you can do rephrasing of any kind including non-academic and academic papers, press releases, etc.
  • No need to pay a single dime.
  • Paraphrasing gets done in several minutes, so no concern about time wastage.
  • The best part is you get a paraphrase that is completely plagiarism-free. The paper is original and you can check it for your personal satisfaction.
  • The paraphrase you get is checked for grammatical, punctuation, and spelling errors.

Reasons to use an online paraphrasing tool

  • Remove plagiarism and get unique content.
  • The meaning of the sentence gets maintained while rewriting the article.
  • Rephrasing quotes is hard, but the paraphrasing tool takes some seconds.
  • You can rephrase a poem.
  • Rewrite your website content perfectly without consuming your time.
  • Sentence structure gets rebuilt, which is clear and understandable.

Paraphrasing tool even helps your customer service staff to handle angry customers. They can paraphrase the sentence customers used to calm them. Misunderstood phrases can get corrected using an online paraphraser on the side.

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