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Celsys Offers Clip Studio Paint DEBUT Free to

10,000 Educational Institutions and 4.5M Students in Texas

Celsys, Inc., the developers of popular illustration software Clip Studio Paint, is working with the non-profit Texas Computer Education Association (TCEA) to equip Texas schools and students with Clip Studio Paint DEBUT (6-month ver.) free of charge.

The TCEA works to support the use of technology in PreK-16 educational institutions. Established in 1980 and boasting 28,000 members, the TCEA has worked to secure funding for the introduction of technology to the classroom and also provides institutions with tools and curriculums.

Celsys will provide Clip Studio Paint Debut to participating schools among the 10,000 schools and 4.5 million educators and students belonging to the public and private kindergartens, elementary schools, junior high schools, and high schools of Texas. Any schools of these grade levels interested in participating may do so via the dedicated TCEA homepage.

“This partnership opens up a world of possibilities for Texas students. Having high-quality creative software like Clip Studio Paint Debut allows students to learn in engaging ways that help develop a number of skills at once, from learning the basics of technology use to the rudiments of art and design,”  TCEA Executive Director Lori Gracey said of the collaboration.

Clip Studio Paint is a drawing and painting software application used by professional artists and illustrators across a variety of industries worldwide. With numerous useful features and a unique “brush engine” that replicates drawing and painting on a physical canvas, Clip Studio Paint is the choice of professionals everywhere and is already in use in art schools around the world. With this partnership, Celsys says, young aspiring creators in Texas, too, can get a head start on learning the necessary skills to achieve their creative dreams.

Registration for participating schools is ongoing, and Texas schools interested in taking part in this program may register until Tuesday, June 30, 2020. The program will be administered by Celsys’ North American distribution partner – Graphixly.

For more information on Clip Studio Paint Debut, please visit Graphixly’s Debut page.

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Celsys supports creators worldly in the production, browsing, and distribution of digital art utilizing IT technology.

We provide solutions in these fields, including through our illustration, comics, and animation production software, “Clip Studio Paint,” Clip Studio web services and our e-book solution, “Clip Studio Reader.”

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Online Education

How to Find the Right Online College for Pursuing Your Further Degrees

Many educational institutions operate online to help those people, who are willing to pursue their education in an easy way. However, the wrong idea about such online colleges is that if you opt for such institutions, then you will be paying an excessive amount as fee till you complete your degree. This is wrong information since online education system is comparatively cheaper when compared to the fee structure of traditional colleges.

If you are one such student planning to pursue your degree from online colleges, then here are some tips to help you find the best institution.

Keep your Options Open

Before finding a college, the first thing to understand is to decide the field that you wish to opt for. By doing this, you can keep your goal on the particular list of colleges that offer excellent options in your field of interest. However, always make sure to keep your priority, interest, restrictions, and decisions in the top list, instead of listening to others.


You are well aware of the fact that the degrees that are pursued from the college or institutions without any accreditations will not hold any value when you proceed with your further degrees. Hence, always make sure to check for the accreditations of the online colleges before enrolling.

Course Comparison

Instead of sticking with a particular course, you can keep your options open and search for the available courses to pursue based on your current qualification. There are many online colleges, which offer a brief introduction to the world of possibilities, which in turn serve beneficial for your education.

Advantages from the Courses

Instead of just settling with a random path, try to understand the benefits that each course offers. Some of the online colleges offer complete educational plan about every course they offer. This feature makes it easier for you to know the importance of each step that leads to obtaining multiple degrees in the same route and about the career options.

Once you check all these factors, you can look for the timings, complete schedule for your academic year, etc. The excellent advantage in opting for online colleges is that you can find multiple options for pursuing major degrees. You can attend the classes anytime and anywhere since all you need is an electronic gadget with internet access.