The Revolutionary Education System – STEAM


STEAM is around for many years, but some of you may hear this abbreviation for the first time. Let’s go through this article to know what is steam?

What is Steam?

STEAM education enables students to think critically on every matter. The five mainstream studies which help students not only in academic life but also in the life beyond.

Now students are engaging themselves into creative workings, experimental learnings. They are taking risks which demand a thoughtful mind and collaborations are also taking place. All these are the fruitful result of STEAM education.  When they become successful in their respective field, they are called leaders, innovators, and educators of the 21st Century.

What does STEAM stand for?

  • S – Science
  • T – Technology
  • E – Engineering
  • A – Arts
  • M – Mathematics

From the old age, parents used to give proper education to their children just to ensure they get a reliable job and a settled life forgetting the fact that a dream job doesn’t even exist. Instead of making the students book worm, STEAM education makes sure that they are good at practical work as well.

Over the past few years, the movement of STEM to STEAM has gained the attention of everyone. But the future lies in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics that’s why they need for STEM programs in schools have increased. Several initiatives have been taken like providing smart gadgets like mobiles or tablets to school students, offering after school STEM club membership to students, bring your device or rather BYOD program, etc.

Robotics has been a topic of interest in recent times. It has developed greatly in a short period. Investments have been made in this particular section for the betterment of the future. More investments will encourage young fellows to create something extraordinary, to invent something out of the box.

It’s an interesting way that leads to STEAM, but without knowledge, this way can be dangerous sometimes. The basic need for this is the international connection to approach integrated learning.

Focus, Details, Discovery, Application, Presentation and Link are the six ways to create a STEAM centered classroom. Each step will make the students liable to create something new.

STEAM makes you superior to ask questions which can’t be answered even by Google. That is the main motto of if, to ask deep intellectual questions. If there are no curiosity, inquiry, and questions in you them you will never be able to create something.

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