9 Ways Parents Can Help Children Succeed In School


The best education indeed begins at home and no amount of expertise at school can ever replace the capability of a nurturing home to raise kids to succeed expectations in life both in school and beyond. Since most families send their children to school, we thought of helpful ways for parents to consider in taking the lead to help their children make the most out of school as they prepare for greater things in life.

Attend Parent-Teacher conferences

It pays a lot to get to know the school and her personal mission and vision which private schools such as Los Gatos live out as a general theme in educating a person. By getting involved and concerned, you also get to know about your child from the perspective of the school and even other parents and families.

Pay attention to what the child loves

School is one of the best places for a child to discover himself or herself. By paying attention to what your child loves such as what subjects he or she tends to enjoy, you can prepare the child for the life and career he or she chooses early on.

Be familiar with those involved in the education

The best educational experience is when both parents and teachers work together. Getting to know the teachers and their styles of teaching can even help you supplement whatever may be lacking especially in case the child has a hard time adjusting. The best Los Gatos private schools emphasize an education that impacts the child holistically and that demands everyone’s involvement in the learning process.

Make sure that the homework is done

We can’t just leave kids and trust them to learn and be responsible on their own. Habit is the outcome of discipline and repeated action that must be formed in all environments whether in school or not. By making sure that the homework is done, you form your child in the habit of being responsible as a worldview, a value that Los Gatos private schools seek to inculcate.

Connect learning with life

Learning becomes boring if there is no point nor virtue to be gained in knowing certain facts that might even have no use in the future. By connecting what you learned with life as a whole you can help your child see the world from a different angle that is holistic and not just a summary of encyclopedia facts.

Talk about school

Your child will know if you care about him or her if you show how concerned you are and how you can be trusted to meet them on the way with whatever stage in life they are in. This helps a lot especially as they grow older and start feeling peer pressure. By talking about school early on as a child, you pave the way to a solid foundation of trust and communication between your children and you as parents.

Discipline is loving

There are certain times when you need to draw the line between what can be done, what should be done and what can never be done. When you discipline, you form the habits of virtue and instill the fear of evil. You don’t let your child be bitten by a snake for him or her to learn that it’s deadly. At the same time, you don’t have to ‘try everything’ before you know it’s too late. Discipline is always a form of love within reasonable boundaries.

Don’t over-schedule the child’s day

Non-multasedmulta. That is a Latin phrase that means ‘not many but much’. It’s not in the ton of activities that a child is involved in that speaks of success but rather in the quality of the work and not quantity. If you see your child getting too involved in everything that tires him or her out, you might want to consider cutting out some activities to give time for rest and a break.

Let the child teach you

It’s a given fact that parents are the primary educators and hence, teachers. However, the best teacher is always the best student. There are times when we should allow ourselves to be surprised and taught by what our kids are capable of doing. That sets a good example to your children that there is more to life than simple book facts we learned and that the world is always bigger than we thought.

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