Do you want to beat the fear of public speaking?


Well, I am here to help you realize your goal.welcome to my I am Timir, a certified Public speaking trainer and facilitator and a certified practitioner from American board of Neuro-linguistic programming. I am going to share tools and techniques to allay your fear of public speaking. If you want to grow in your area of expertise and make an impact in your professional life, you must overcome the fear of public speaking.

So let’s begin this exciting journey.

Remember the most important tenet of a public speaker is his/her stage presence as it is a mandatory requirement to engage your audience.

You need to develop your communication skills both verbal and non-verbal as well as command your audience to deliver your message effectively.

So what is the key challenge for you?

Well, the answer is obvious for most of you.

It’s to overcome the fear of public speaking.

Isn’t it?

Don’t worry. I am going to share great insights into this problem of yours and make sure that you are able to overcome this fear.

First of all, you need to tell your mind that – “I will stop fearing from now on “

This is a prerequisite to overcoming the fear of public speaking before I share various ways to dispel this fear of yours. Well, you have to overcome this fear now or sometime soon in the future to excel in your professional life.

Great! You have set your goal that you will stop fearing from now on.

I am very excited to guide you to overcome your fear of public speaking.

So say goodbye to your fear of public speaking.

Can you imagine yourself to be on the stage being nervous?

So why not consider yourself to be the same old kid in your school from now onwards who used to be confident while speaking in front of the class?

Just make sure that you become a student now who is confident about his speaking skills regardless of any fear.

Keep on comparing the nervous employee to the student you perceive yourself to be now.

You will soon realize that you are a confident speaker and I bet you are a motivated speaker now and the next time you are in front of your audience, you are going to deliver a mind-blowing presentation

Try to figure out the moment before or during public speaking which triggers this fear and the root cause of fear and try ways to overcome that trigger causing an emotional response. Well, many times this trigger works at a particular point of time in public speaking which has a traumatic incident related to it in your subconscious memory.

Apart from this, you may select a theme that motivates you to deliver a speech and also imagine the extraordinary feeling that warms your body,  once you deliver a great speech due to the applause by the audience.

Our mind tries to overcome this fear of public speaking by fight, freeze and flight response due to adrenalin rush which hampers the effectiveness of our public speaking.

The only way to come out of this public speaking phobia is by weakening the negative emotional feeling that triggers your fear as it is practically impossible to eliminate this memory altogether.

One must remember that only danger is real while fear is an irrational behavior which we need to overcome by identifying the trigger and reframe that trigger point with another positive frame to blemish the bad memory associated with it.

Few tips to overcome your conscious fear

Give some time to compose yourself before you start your speech

Deep breathing helps you calm down your nerves

Do mock practice visualizing your audience while speaking practice

Building rapport with your audience initially helps you overcome stage fear

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