Passing the FAA Test for Private Pilot Certification


After the first turboprop was developed in 1940, this engine is the most popular choice of planes where efficiency and performance is the key.

Private pilot license

Everyone can point you to a place for these type planes and private pilot license training can be earned. Gaining a private pilot license is a goal for many and is also one of the most popular certifications around. Whether it is for a hobby, a way to travel on your own or even one piece of the puzzle to becoming a fully private pilot, most online ground schools are able to help in passing the FAA test for Private Pilot quickly and achieving your dreams of flying a turboprop airplane.

Ground and flight training

To pass this FAA exam and get your license, you need to have both grounds as well as flight training. There are many places that can offer you ground training – usually referred to as ground school. The second part of your exam will be done on an airplane so you will need to find somewhere to get instruction from a good flight school. Find a local school that matches your budget and your prospects of receiving this training.

Things to know

Here is what you need to know:

  • Save thousands using online ground school with personal instructions costing at most up to $70 per hour.
  • 2000 or more students use local ground courses to ace the test.
  • 35 hours of short, and easy to follow videos.
  • Classroom instructions can be learned online from the comfort of your home.
  • You can be guaranteed to pass the test or in some schools, you will get $150 off or a full refund. 99{fc106c96e4e5265e6c8434a6ac8a898f4e666a082c557e3aad91b858a12eef11} of most students at these local ground schools pass.

After investing in certified training in flight school and passing your pilot license, there are many good jobs that you can find that pay well with good benefits.

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