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A new parent calls the child planning. Mother says that she is looking for daycare for her baby for half a day of care per week. Child planning arranges everything nicely with parent and then informs the location manager. You hear the location manager on the other side of the line bale. Half a day a week? Is that desirable?

When the location manager introduces the new child to the pedagogical staff, they say it aloud: Half a day? But the child never gets used to this. Slightly worried, they await the start date of the child. With the best preschool apps the deals come perfect now.

Pedagogical interest

And so it happens regularly that we as childcare workers receive requests from parents who we believe are pedagogically undesirable. There are always changing days, little daycare per week, picking up during sleep time, you name it.

And we have an opinion about that because we know what is good for the child. After all, we are the professionals. On the other hand, who knows his child and private situation best? That is the parent.

What are you doing then?

But what do you want as an organization? Do we determine what is best for a child? Or does the parent do that? Are we, therefore, going to refuse a request from a parent because we believe it is not ‘justified’? And do you do that in advance or are you going to try it first with the child and if things don’t go well then the conversation with the parent? For the child care invoice also the apps are there.

The parent in the lead

In my opinion, it is the parent who knows the child best. It is also the parent who has insight into the family situation and agenda. We are a service organization. For me, that means that you meet the wishes of the customer as much as possible. Of course, we stand for our pedagogical quality. We are also responsible for the well-being of all our children. If that is compromised, it is, therefore, time for a conversation with the parent. But until then you are looking for a good balance between the wishes of the parent and the possibilities of us as an organization to be able to meet that.

Appeared: Look at childcare

1. How parents think about the affordability, accessibility, and quality of childcare.

2. Four in ten parents gives the affordability of childcare an insufficient. One in seven parents finds applying for a childcare allowance complicated.

3. Parents are generally positive about the quality of the childcare. For example, they think that children are well cared for. Parents are critical about many changes in staff.

4. Non-users are generally more negative about childcare. For example, they have doubts about the safety of children and the attention that is given to them.

5. In families where childcare is seen as more affordable, accessible and better, childcare is used more often and the mother works more hours.

Parents are more satisfied with the alignment between work and private life as they have more positive experiences with childcare. So now, no parent pick up, the deals come easy enough now.

When a childcare organization has enough students, we can do the give training in-company, for example as a study day for your Staff members. The size of the course group is then a maximum of 18 participants. The training can also be followed via individual registration. At less than 8 registrations we cancel the course.

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