Why Should You Consider Learning English?

If you are wondering whether you should Learn English online (เรียน อังกฤษ ออนไลน์, which is the term in thai) or not, then you can get all the good reasons why you should consider learning English. Learning English would help you interact with other people over the world. It is mainly because it is one of the most common languages that people know globally, making it easy for you to interact and understand different things.

Reasons You Need To Learn English Online

You Will Understand That English Is Pretty Easy To Learn

It is usually straightforward to learn English because it is a native language. English can look for you if you do not live in the parts where people do not speak English. English is a widespread language globally, so the resources you can get to learn this language are aplenty. You can also teach English to yourself if we do not want to join any classes as there are free resources also available. But if you want to take the course online, you must pay some amount.

You Can Find Several Job Opportunities

There are several companies globally that require all employees to speak English. In some cases, the companies would also require the workers to use the language. Naturally, huge companies will want and need to communicate rightly as the world is becoming more global. Currently, people are trying to learn and also communicate in this language.

Become Better Educated

When you learn a foreign language, your brain power expands, and you can also use the language to learn different things globally. Currently, people can learn English by taking online classes. Once you have learned the language, you can access additional resources or literature, science history books that were written in English, to understand whether you know the language.

You Can Easily Travel Globally

When you learn English online, you can travel to different parts of the world. People could find English as one of the most essential languages in several places where you would travel. To communicate with other clients and customers for business, also you need to know English. In most hotels, you would find that one employee at least will understand English, and most of the employees would also speak it. Hence it makes it easy for clients to get the things they need. Additionally, people in small-town markets globally can bargain with people who know English.

College & University

How Smart Campus Benefits For College Students

By Lucero Artemio, Senior Product Manager, Fiberroad Technology

What Is A Smart Campus?

A smart campus is a smart, connected community with technology that can improve the lives of individuals within it. Smart campus services can make life easier for students, faculty, and staff and improve security, enhance operations, and monitor campus resources. Smart campus features include ubiquitous wireless coverage and location-based services. Campus assets can be monitored via Bluetooth beacons, and geofencing can send alerts when assets move. The information generated by the smart campus services can be fed into a dashboard for more informed management decisions.

Smart Campuses are increasingly connected to improve operations and enhance the user experience. For example, smart parking spaces can automatically alert drivers to available spaces on campus. Other features of smart campuses include chatbots that can answer late-night math questions. Some campuses even have connected blackboards that allow professors to share grading assignments with TAs. Using technology to improve campus services will allow colleges and universities to stay relevant and increase the quality of student learning.

Benefits Of A Smart Campus To Students

1. Improves Student Experiences

Implementing a Smart Campus is a big step in higher education, and the first step is understanding the needs of today’s students. This means utilizing data from online resources to understand student performance and behavior better. Data can also reveal issues related to biases in departments, courses, and professors. Understanding these issues is essential in designing inclusive programs and initiatives. Smart Campus technologies apply the best practices of other industries to the campus and will improve the safety, visibility, and comfort of everyone on campus.

2. Enhances College Campus Safety

Using advanced network infrastructure and internet-connected devices, a smart campus can provide new services, improve operations, and improve safety on campus. Combined with self-service technologies, this new approach can make college campuses more secure. In addition to the safety and security benefits, smart campuses can reduce operating costs and improve environmental sustainability. The technology used on a smart campus helps to detect operational deficiencies and make proactive decisions, which improves efficiency and reduces risks.

3. Reduces Operational Costs

A smart campus connects people, devices, and applications to offer a better experience for students, faculty, and staff. These systems can also improve operational efficiency and reduce costs. This system provides data about the energy usage pattern of campus and helps reduce costs and increase efficiency. Here are the key benefits of smart campus technologies. They all increase the overall value of a university’s operations and make it more competitive.

The Components Of A Smart Campus

1. Video Surveillance System

Smart campuses use a Video surveillance system with PoE Switch as part of their security strategy. These cameras collect video information and analyze it using proprietary software. This allows the system to perform many tasks, including detecting potential fire hazards, recognizing license plates, and tracking registered and unregistered vehicles. All of this information runs through a command center, where other security devices and protocols are configured. The result is a comprehensive video surveillance system.

School safety budgets are slashed, but video surveillance can save school dollars. A good video surveillance system can detect threats to the campus and improve security. Using video surveillance, school security teams can better respond to incidents. School officials can implement bullying prevention programs and improve streamlined security operations by monitoring the footage. However, the school security team needs to monitor events and avoid being left in the dark constantly.

2. Gate Access Control System

Electronic access control systems use rules and logic to govern who can access certain areas. A valid card key unlocks the door, and the computer records the information into a log. When someone enters a building with an invalid card key, it won’t unlock it. Internal devices and software control electronic systems, and the purpose of each device may vary from building to building. Whether or not this system is a smart campus innovation will depend on the needs of your institution.

The use of technology to manage visitor access is vital in a smart campus. Today, most people carry a mobile phone, and many college students want to minimize the amount of equipment they need. An access control system will help you manage visitor access and prevent theft and damage to property. Whether your school is an urban campus, a suburban campus, or a rural community, a gate access control system will help ensure the safety of everyone on campus.

3. Cloud Network Infrastructure

Smart campuses need to be able to provide multiple services. Some of these services will differ depending on the campus’s physical location and each user’s needs. To achieve this, a cloud network infrastructure is necessary. The cloud can serve as a central data centre, allowing multiple services to be delivered via a single network. For example, a smart campus may need to be able to analyze student behaviour and track the flow of academic traffic. A new actor is needed to enable the Smart Campus ecosystem to achieve this goal. Recent research has shown that the ecosystem concept is the most promising actor for a Smart Campus.

4. Energy Efficiency

Many campuses have embraced new technologies to improve energy efficiency. Some campuses are experimenting with zero-net energy and passive building methods. For example, the Georgia Institute of Technology has a carbon-neutral research lab and is building a new building as part of the Living Building Challenge. Colleges spend millions of dollars a year on energy, and there are numerous opportunities for improving energy efficiency on campuses. The technology used to improve campus energy efficiency will likely help colleges save money.

Smart campus technologies can also help campuses improve parking, traffic, and safety. They can even reduce fuel consumption. Using smart lighting, campuses can save money on electricity, water, and other resources. Some campuses can also install motion sensors to identify the most critical lighting banks. This technology can help campus officials make informed decisions about energy consumption. With a little research, a smart campus can be an effective way to cut costs and improve campus safety.

Final Thought

The infrastructure needed to support smart campuses should be well-designed and implemented. Some of the essential components of this infrastructure are information sensing devices, computer processing equipment, storage, and wired and wireless communication networks. Besides the infrastructure, smart campuses should have staff that design and implement the system. This will allow the campus to run more efficiently and save power. For instance, smart campuses should install card systems and facial recognition technology for accurate attendance.


Top 5 Scholarship for Study in the UK for Indian students

The United Kingdom is a popular destination for Indian students wishing to study abroad. There are many reasons for this, including the quality of education and the opportunity to experience a different culture. However, the cost is one of the biggest barriers to studying in the UK. Fortunately, there are several scholarships available to Indian students which can help to offset the cost of tuition and living expenses. In this blog post, we will look at five top scholarships for Indian students wishing to study in the United Kingdom.

Chevening Scholarships

The Chevening Scholarship is a prestigious scholarship that enables talented students from all over the world to study in the United Kingdom. The scholarship is awarded to individuals who demonstrate academic excellence, leadership potential, and a commitment to making a difference in their communities.

If you are interested in applying for a Chevening Scholarship, you can find more information on their website. The application process is competitive, but if you are selected as a scholarship recipient, you will be provided with funding for your tuition, accommodation, and living expenses. This is an incredible opportunity to receive a world-class education and to develop your leadership skills.

Commonwealth Scholarships

The Commonwealth Scholarships are a prestigious set of scholarships awarded to meritorious students from Commonwealth countries. The scholarships are funded by the British government and are open to students from all Commonwealth countries

The scholarships are awarded based on academic excellence and are tenable for either undergraduate or postgraduate study at any UK university. Commonwealth Scholarships are highly competitive and are open to students from all disciplines.

If you are a student from a Commonwealth country and are looking for an opportunity to study in the UK, then a Commonwealth Scholarship could be for you.

GREAT Scholarships

The GREAT Scholarships are a prestigious award given to high-achieving students who demonstrate financial need. The scholarships are awarded by the Department of Education and provide full funding for four years of undergraduate study at a college or university.

The GREAT Scholarships are a highly competitive award, and only a limited number of scholarships are awarded each year. If you are interested in applying for the GREAT Scholarships, be sure to start the process early and allow yourself plenty of time to complete the application.

For more information on the GREAT Scholarships, book a free counseling session at

Inlaks Scholarships

The Inlaks Scholarships are prestigious awards given to young Indians who show outstanding academic promise.

Inlaks Scholarships are awarded based on merit, with special consideration given to those from underprivileged backgrounds. The selection process is highly competitive, with only the top students being selected for the award.

If you are a young Indian student with outstanding academic results, then you should apply for the Inlaks Scholarship. It could be the opportunity of a lifetime.

Goa Education Trust Scholarship

The Goa Education Trust (GET) is pleased to offer scholarships to outstanding students from Goa who wish to pursue higher education. These scholarships are open to students of all disciplines and will be awarded based on academic merit and financial need.

If you are a student from Goa who meets the eligibility criteria listed below, we encourage you to apply for the GET Scholarship.

How to Find Best Abroad Education Consultants in India?

There are several factors to consider when choosing the best abroad education consultant in India. The most important factor is the quality of the consultant’s advice and guidance. Other factors to consider include the consultant’s experience, fees, and the number of students they have helped place in good colleges and universities.

Once you have a few names, research each one carefully to make sure they are reputable and have a good track record. Be sure to ask about their success rate, and community support before making your final decision.

To learn more about these scholarships and how to apply for them, book a free counseling session with Zoom abroad.


Top 4 Best Books To Read For Middle School

Need any help in selecting some exciting and interesting books for middle school students? Buying age-relevant books can be a challenging task for parents.

Whether your child likes novels, realistic stories, or fantasy, you will get all types of book recommendations on this page.

Great Books To Read For Middle School

· The Girl Who Drank The Moon

People were terrified of Xan, who was a Witch. The only solution to keep their town safe is sacrificing a baby to her. But Xan was a gentlewoman; she fosters the town’s babies with starlight before delivering them for adaptation.

One day she made a mistake by accidentally nourishing a baby girl with moonlight instead of starlight. However, she chooses to raise the baby girl Luna by herself.

At the age of 13, Luna emerges with terrible magic wrath. This book is one of the best sellers in the New York Times and has won many other awards.

· Harry Potter Series

It is one of the children’s favorite books in middle school. The seven books show Harry’s journey from being an ordinary orphan to a savior of the world and his struggles in life.

Harry potter books are written by J.K Rowling and are one of the most popular book series in the world.

· The Hobbit

As a reader, I never get miss out on this book. You can find anyone who dislikes this book. J.R.R Tolkien created this masterpiece for the children.

The story revolves around the character Bilbo Baggins, a hobbit. He sailed away on the adventure of his life. One day, a team of dwarves came up at his door, and Bildo followed them on a perilous journey (To regain the gold protected by a ferocious dragon).

Here your child will receive life lessons in the best possible way.

· The Goldfish Boy

The novel counters an expedition of the struggles a boy with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder(OCD) faced. Matthew was caged in his home all day due to his problem. Matthew decided to expose his disease and move out of his comfort zone.

Your Child will definitely enjoy the story of Mathew.


Hopefully, books recommendation for your middle school children finds them fascinating to read. There are so many interesting middle school books that I could not include them all here. Share your favorite book in the comment